Cress Heads

I was just making a bacon and egg pie and was about to chuck the egg shells in the bin when Alice said, “Can we use those for something?” They were all already broken in half at this stage so not ideal for decorating. However, I have been thinking about Easter and came across this cute idea of growing mustard cress in an egg shell so with our mustard seeds at the ready (which have been in the pantry for ages!) this is what we have done.

DSCN5300Egg shells washed out and then placed in egg cups or just back in the box. Then line the egg shells with a small piece of  wet paper towel and then a thin piece of wet cotton wool.DSCN5308 DSCN5311

Then sprinkle with mustard seeds and a little water. Place in a bright sunny place and fingers crossed we’ll have some cress heads in a few days.

DSCN5313Alice and I decorated ours with happy faces!


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