I’ve been meaning to create a mosaic with my children for yonks! I’ve helped kindergarten children create some simple but effective patterns in the past.  About, oh I don’t know, probably two years ago I bought some colourful tiles, grout, a tile nipper, and a cement paver. All with the fabulous good intention of creating something beautiful. I got as far as wrapping the tiles in plastic bags and hammering them into tiny pieces. Once every two months or so my hubby would sarcastically mention how he couldn’t wait to see the beautiful mosaic we were working on!

DSCN5325_2This morning  Alice helped me sort through all the tiny pieces of broken tile and group them according to colour. Sorting is one of the many ways we can introduce maths to children under the age of five. Alice is really interested in making patterns in her art work at the moment and when I suggested that we make a border around the edge of the paver she looked at the tiles and said, “I know what I want to do. I want to make a pattern!” Then she alternated gluing light and dark pink around the edge.

DSCN5341_2 DSCN5344_2

Once we had picked Meg up from school it was her turn to create a section of the mosaic. She picked a royal blue coloured tile for the number. When I asked Meg how she was doing, she said, “It’s cool it’s like figuring out a puzzle”.

DSCN5345_2 DSCN5350

Alice watched as her big sister finished off the final pieces. Then was eager to fill in the spaces with another bright colour!

DSCN5352_2 DSCN5353_2

They were both very pleased with their work which actually took a fairly short amount of time because we used quite big pieces of tile over a small surface area. Just going to let the PVA glue dry tonight and grout it tomorrow morning.


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