Easter Clay Decorations

Yesterday I bought some white clay  because I wanted to make some hanging decorations for Easter with the girls. I also bought some Easter themed cookie cutters from a dollar store and kmart. I found a rabbit shape, a flower and butterfly. Although I have tried salt dough decorations in the past this is a first at trying to make some with white clay. Knowing that my sister had some experience I thought I’d email her for some tips. These were her very useful suggestions which I followed! Instead of making a hole in the top of the decoration push a paper clip down through the centre until just the top part is visible. This makes a very effective hook to thread ribbon, twine, or cotton through so that you can hang your decoration. When you’re rolling out the clay don’t roll it too thin or it will crack. Air dry the cut out decorations on grease proof paper instead of in the oven. Finally, when painting the decorations on all sides you can use a skewer poking out a drawer to hang them off so that all sides will dry at once!

Air drying the clay on grease proof. I did the rolling out and let the girls do most of the painting. You can see the paper clips semi circle near the top of the decorations.
Alice painting the block colour.
Meg adding the details once the first coat had dried.


The bunny grave yard. Sadly we did have some casualties. I was gutted!

DSCN5401 DSCN5402

Not bad for a first attempt. Bright and colourful.


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