Dyeing and painting eggs for Easter

You can either hard boil your eggs and then dye and/or paint them. If you want to keep them for the following year or hang them you’ll have to blow the egg yolks out. This part I didn’t do with the kids just because it’s a bit messy and needs a bit of puff to blow the egg out! Start by washing the eggs in warm soapy water. Then pierce the top of the egg with a nail or sharp pointed knife creating a small hole. Turn the egg over in the carton and repeat the same thing on the base wider part of the egg but this time make the hole just a little larger than the top. Also wiggle the nail around inside the egg to break the yolk up.DSCN5429DSCN5430

Once you’ve done that either use a straw to blow through the top hole in the egg or just blow through the top making a tight seal with your lips. Once all the egg is out then give the egg shell a good wash with water and let it dry.

To dye the eggs I used a solution of food colouring ,warm water, and vinegar.

Use 1 cup of warm water, 1 tsp vinegar, 1 tsp food colouring. Protect the surface with newspaper or old tea towel as food colouring stains really easily!

DSCN5439 DSCN5434

If you’re using brown eggs like us you’ll find you have to leave the eggs in the dye for a while turning them from time to time to get a good bright colour. Then you can place them back in the carton to dry. I think they look beautiful just like this but the girls were keen to paint them too.

DSCN5449 DSCN5457

You can try using a straw to create a circle shape or tooth pick for tiny lines.

DSCN5460 DSCN5462

Once the top of the painted eggs are completely dry flip them over and paint the bottom. We will probably hang ours up somewhere!



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