Painted Sticks

Our youngest is getting big enough to go for longer walks now and we’ve started taking advantage of this. I have never been into going to the gym or sports of any kind but walking that’s something I’ve always loved. I also think for young children fostering this love of getting out and exploring your local environment whether it be urban or rural is a vital part of their development. It seems that children increasingly spend longer and longer periods indoors on TV, lap tops, and phones or engaged in organised activities after school.  Their connection with nature and self directed play with other children is decreasing. Dr Peter Gray gives an interesting TED talk about the decline of creative thinking and the rise of narcissism in children over the decades since the 1950’s.

Local walk with the whanau this Easter weekend.

His research carries a powerful message and as an early childhood teacher and a mum of two young children I wonder whether I allow my own children enough freedom throughout their days. I do like creative projects for this very reason and whilst they are organised, in the sense that I have offered the supplies to my children and presented it to them in an aesthetically pleasing way, the creativity, design, and imagination is left to them.

Sticks collected by both my girls on our recent walks.


Do share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Painted Sticks

  1. Hi 🙂 those sticks look just like sticks that my children have painted. We are blessed to live in a rural area, so there are plenty of opportunities for my children to have free, creative experiences in nature. We have all the screens though too…and that comes with its own set of difficulties 🙂

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  2. Yes nature is a wonderful source for creative learning. We live in the city but have recently started to get out for longer walks in the bush. We are all feeling calmer and healthier for it.


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