Sea Glass Creations

My girls are like magpies collecting taonga (treasures) wherever they go exploring. I think they get this mainly from their Dad who is fond of collecting too. I am pleased they have this gathering trait as it lends itself well to art and craft creations. Perhaps I used to be like this when I was younger but since having children I glean great satisfaction from clearing surfaces in great swoops. I think this has something to do with having a busy mind and literally needing to de-clutter to keep my sanity! The girls and hubby get frustrated with me though, because I have been known to get carried away with the minimalist look, leaving them wondering where some treasures have gone! An organised craft area/bookshelf that can visually store little bits and pieces could be a good compromise.

This is the sea glass collected by my 3 magpies.

I’ve been wondering what on earth to do with this collection of pretty glass. Whilst Alice had a nap this afternoon I decided to have a little play with the sea glass on the table.


Much more fun to let Alice have a go…

Alice wanted some help with the wings of her butterfly so I got a book that had some pretty pictures of butterflies in it for her to look at.

She was committed to alternating light and dark pieces of glass around the edge of the wings. A theme continued from previous pieces of art work. I was tempted to tell her that she should keep it dark all around the edge but I shut my mouth (which was hard) and let her do it her way.

DSCN5616 DSCN5618

I did point out the antennae on the picture, which she added in her own unique way.

DSCN5625 DSCN5621

Thinking about how to frame this so we can show it off. Any ideas would be welcome!


10 thoughts on “Sea Glass Creations

  1. It’s lovely for children to make things with their found objects and treasures. I love sea glass too. There’s something a bit magical about it. Could you make it into another mosaic using a similar frame to the one you used before?

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  2. Hi Kate, yes a mosaic would be a great option for this thanks for the suggestion. I was also thinking about a mobile that would catch the light and colours of the sea glass.


  3. Hi Sheena, yes Dean had the same idea! I think it would look like a stained glass window then. According to my research though,I’d need a glue gun and some pexi glass so it may have to wait for another time in the future.


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