Grow your own crystals

Now we found this took a couple of attempts before we got the solution right! We started by using washing soda crystals dissolved in a pan of hot water. I didn’t really do any measurements which probably didn’t help matters! I knew we needed a saturated solution and I figured we had achieved that but we waited for three days and still no crystals formed. DSCN5670DSCN5676

The girls enjoyed making different shapes out of the pipe cleaners. Just had to remind them to make them small enough to come back out the opening of the glass container when the crystal had grown.

Meg made a koru (spiral) and a love heart with her pipe cleaners.
Alice helped tip the washing soda crystals into the pan of water.

Then we filled the glass containers with the hot solution and waited, and waited……..

Waiting……. nothing happened! Must need a recipe and measure it out properly!!!

Then I mixed up a solution with borax powder. Hot water in a pan bring it to a simmer and add the powder. For one cup of water you need three tbsp of borax. Remember borax is poisonous so supervision is needed for young children. Multiply depending on volume of water needed for your glass containers. Add food colouring if you wish.

Finally we have a result!


The girls came home from school and were pretty happy to see the crystals.

DSCN5710 DSCN5705 DSCN5704 DSCN5703


5 thoughts on “Grow your own crystals

  1. How I wish I’d been able to read your blog when I was teaching elementary school. I’ve spent time browsing it, and there is so much I could have used as is or adapted to fit our curriculum. Great fun. I still have two grandchildren young enough to enjoy your fun and educational activities, so I could still use them.

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